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Amber’s PhD research deals with how the internet is changing the way we learn and create. Specifically, the work focuses on how users are creating their own digital narratives, learning behaviours, internet usage patterns and creative practices as a result of internet engagement.


Amber’s recent research informed practice,  engages with the fast changing technological worlds of online convergence and networked culture through a series of wearable design solutions that evidence data visualisation as the instigator of creative innovation.  The aim of the work is to realise the potential of creative technologies for the benefit of human interaction and the future development of new fields of creative practice. 
This research informs her teaching practice at every level and continues to inspire her sustained engagement with educational research and creative innovation.


Amber’s Research Areas include: creative technologies, postdigital pedagogy, learning design, human integration with technology, wearable technology, fashion, contemporary art practice, innovation, cultural theory, critical histories, experiential design, change management, employability, interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary creative practice.

Amber is a regular participant at research conferences, symposiums and talks. She recently appeared as a Guest Speaker at the Hong Kong Design Institute and the Academy of Visual Arts in Hong Kong.  She has previously organised a series of talks at the ICA in London, where she invited the general public, staff and students to debate key issues associated with ‘The Relevance of Memory to Creativity and Cultural Development in the Digital Age’.  The trans-disciplinary discussion featured: Louise Shannon (Digital V&A Museum Curator), Emeritus Professor Steven Rose (Neuroscience, Memory Specialist and Co-founder of the Open University) and Professor Alan Schechner (Artist and Academic).


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